Welcome… to joelmarkhamphotography!

I am a freelance photographer based in Wagga Wagga NSW and a graduate of Charles Sturt University’s Master of Arts Practice (Photomedia) program. I also hold a BA in Graphic Design – with Class 1 Honours – from CSU.

For me, photography is primarily an act of creative exploration and expression, and as such, it is a fundamental component of who I am. While much of my work stems from the community and environment in which I live, it is also shaped by the aesthetic and vision that I harness to my exploration of these ‘everyday’ contexts. Not surprisingly, this process encourages an eye that sees as opposed to one that merely looks.

But beyond referencing a life lived in a specific corner of the world, I hope that the work also speaks of a relationship with life itself, and that it consequently has the potential to resonate with you, irrespective of who you are or where you live. This ability to engage and provoke – however gently – is surely one of art’s primary responsibilities.

Enjoy your visit!

JOEL : )